Watchman Needed for Gateway Youth Centre

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  1. To ensure high Security of the compound.
  2. Perform other related duties. For example, perform errands related to upkeep of the grounds.
  3. Help to keep the facilities and the compound in a sanitary condition.
  4. Patrol regularly to ensure vigilance against intruders. Remain on the compound. Bring necessary food and drinks at the start of shift so as to minimize the need to leave the compound during shift.
  5. Log and immediately report any irregularities/incidents to the Director through your immediate supervisor.
  6. Log (Name, Date, Time) of persons entering the compound after 5:00pm and on weekends.
  7. Have Log Book checked and signed by supervisor once per week.
  8. When changing shifts from one watch man to another (weekends) both should check the compound together. The condition of the building and compound should be logged and signed by both.
  9. Lock gate after all staff departs on weekdays and on weekends.
  10. Appropriately utilize equipment provided (flashlight, Whistle, Log Book, IDs).


Conduct (Public Service Regulations, 2001 Part III)

  1. Be appropriately attired for work in a manner, which demonstrates professionalism decency and a respect for self, colleagues, clients and members of the general public.
  1. (1) …Sign your name in the Attendance Register kept in the office for this purpose and insert the time of his arrival and departure from duty.


 In accordance with section 121 of the Constitution, all public officers shall conduct themselves in such a way as not to:-

(a) place themselves in positions in which they have or could have a conflict of interest;

(b) compromise the fair exercise of their official functions and duties;

(c) use their office for private gain;

(d) demean their office or position;

(e) allow their integrity to be called into question ;nor

(f) endanger or diminish respect for, or confidence in, the integrity of the Government.


  1. All public officers shall therefore:

(a) demonstrate the highest level of professional conduct and personal integrity in the performance of their duties and in serving the public;

(b) treat everyone, including other public officers, clients and members of the general public with courtesy, respect, fairness and objectivity;

(c) display a positive attitude and be pro-active in the exercise of their duties; seek to understand and to satisfy the real needs of members of the public; and volunteer information and services as appropriate;

(d) in the exercise of their official duties, not confer any special benefit and/or give preferential treatment to anyone on the basis of any special relationship; and

(e) render service in a timely, efficient and effective manner.


  1. (1) The use of alcohol, controlled drugs, intoxicants, narcotics or any other illegal substance is prohibited at the workplace.

(2) Arriving at work under the influence of any of the substances set out in subregulation (1), or using any such substance whilst on duty, is prohibited.


  1. (1) No officer may absent himself from duty during working hours without the permission of the Head of the Department in which the works or such other officer as may be deputed for this purpose by the Head of Department


  1. (1) An officer shall make every effort to contact his Head of Department in the case of illness or other unavoidable circumstances on the first day of his absence.


  1. (1) Strict punctuality shall be observed at the workplace. Any officer who is late without an adequate reason to the satisfaction of the Head of Department may be subject to a deduction from his salary.


  1. (1) Every officer, except those who may be exempted by the Head of Department, shall sign his name in the Attendance Register kept in the Department for this purpose and insert the time of his arrival and departure from duty. The Head of Department shall deputize an officer to examine and initial this Register every day and bring to his notice any case of habitual or frequent unpunctuality or absenteeism on the part of any officer. The Head of Department or such senior officer as he may designate shall examine this Register at least once every month.