Single Mama

The struggles are real and while I may not voice the inner thoughts and fears that torment me as a single woman and mother, they are there and they are real. I listen to my son a lot even when he thinks I don’t and there are things that make me uneasy about his personality and there are things that make me feel like I have done a decent job bringing him up on my own. His father, an immigration officer and I were married briefly but during my pregnancy he stood by me and up to when my son was two years old, he claimed to have had so many plans with our son …. but then we didn’t make. We went our separate ways before my son was three and he moved on with other women until he finally settled down with the one he is with now. I have no qualms about that other than the fact that she prevents him from contributing to my son’s well being financially and she does not allow my son to overnight at their home, saying she prefers her privacy. I would like to tell her a few choice words but opted to leave her alone to her very own Karma. The thing that bothers me is how much this man has hurt my son and he either doesn’t know or doesn’t care. My son hurts and he admitted this to me yesterday …how do i help him to forgive his father so he can let that pain go and move on to greater things??? Not sure how to do this.