Dean Oliver Barrow

Dean Oliver Barrow has been in the political arena for decades now, serving in various capacities in Government.  Today, he currently retains the seat of Prime Minister of Belize since 2008. 

Born, March 2, 1951, Barrow grew up in Belize City where he attended Saint Michael’s College.  His further pursuit in education took him to Barbados at the University of the West Indies then to Jamaica where he earned his Certificate of Legal Education in 1975 at the Norman Manley Law School.  His education in the legal sector continued at the University of Miami School of Law followed by the University of Miami where earned his Master’s Degree in International Relations.

Though an attorney by trade, Barrow also pursued politics.  This political path led him to being the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Attorney General for the period, 1984 – 1989.  During the period, 1993 – 1998, he had served as the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs and National Security as well as the Attorney General.

As it pertains to his positioning within the United Democratic Party, in 1990 he became the Deputy Party Leader and in 1998, he elevated as the Party Leader for the United Democratic Party following the resignation of Manuel Esquivel.  Despite much efforts in winning an election under his leadership, it took Barrow ten years to gain victory at the polls and become the Prime Minister of Belize.  It is to be noted that this ten year period of remaining in opposition was not necessarily a reflection of the confidence he had earned from the electorate personally, as he has been the Area Representative for the Queen’s Square Division since 1984, with a six-consecutive win in general elections.

The Barrow Administration now runs the country of Belize with a majority in the House of Representatives since 2008.

Prime Minister Barrow is married to the Special Envoy for Women and Children in Belize, Kim Simplis-Barrow since 2009.  Together, they have one daughter while he has fathered three other children from a previous union.

Dean Oliver Barrow is currently 64-years-old.