Women of Belize

Businesswoman of Stann Creek District Honored

хмурый наркотик Marie Sharp is a well-known Belizean legend, entrepreneur and owner of Marie Sharp’s Fine Foods, with its factory located in the Stann Creek Valley of Belize. While working as an Executive Secretary for the Citrus Company of Belize, Marie began planting Habanero Peppers and a wide assortment of fruits and some vegetables on Melinda Estates, […]

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Mother Teresa of Corozal Town

Neima Naomi Roches is commonly known as the local “Mother Theresa” and was born in Corozal Town in 1990. She was brought to Carmelita Village in the Orange Walk District as a teenager to attend high school. She started New Hope High School but was unable to finish, but strongly believes that education is important […]


Doris June Tomasa Garcia nee Cayetano

Born to Victoria Herera and Solomon Cayetano in 1943, Doris June Tomasa Garcia nee Cayetano grew up to attend Sacred Hearth Primary, Austin High and then completed agricultural training in Honduras. As a small farmer she was once a member of the Citrus Growers Association. Doris June exited her realm of comfort and successfully ran […]


Anne Marie Williams

Ann-Marie Williams will forever be remembered as the intrepid journalist who first exposed Belize’s biggest Immigration/Passport Scandal in 2002 and won her and Channel 5 a Caribbean Broadcasting Union Award (CBU) for Best Investigative Journalism. The first girl and the middle child of six children, it seems journalism was a natural progression for Ann-Marie. She […]


Cordelia Alvarez

Cordelia Alvarez is an educator at the Saint Benedict Roman Catholic Primary School in the Toledo District.  She was nominated for the Top Teacher Award in 2015 in the primary education category. Cordelia Alvarez was described as an outstanding teacher who helps others across culture or religious bbelief.  Her respectable and receptive demeanor is an […]


Madam Gwendolyn

Born in a rural area of the Belize District to Sidney Smith and Guadalupe Smith nee Baeza, Gwen Liz, carried her life throughout the years playing a pivotal role in the progress and development of Belize particularly in the education and social service sectors. Her young girl years saw her attend Mr. Datsun Primary School, […]


Nora Parham

One case that stands out in our history is that of Mrs. Nora Parham and her common-law husband, P.C. 183 Ketchell Raymond Trapp, ages 36 and 37 respectively, at the time of their deaths in 1963. Nora was married Parham, but her maiden name was Williams. She was originally from Punta Gorda, where she had […]


Althea Sealy

Belize’s First Artistic Director of the Belize National Dance Company Althea Sealy, born to Cutbert Sealy and Mitt Smith on December 26, 1960 in Belize City, is renowned for her love of and dedication to arts. Unknowingly, Althea earned her place among outstanding Belizean females first when she became the first Artistic Director of the […]