One Woman's Perspective


go site I can recall years ago with my innocence intact and ignorant of the realities of this world, I had aspirations of becoming a teacher, getting married and having a mansion to live in with a nice, fancy vehicle and lots of money.  At that time I felt these were the things that would have made […]

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Marriages Don’t Seem To Last Anymore

купить мефедрон в уфе Committed relationships, if not entered into wisely, are perhaps one of the most complicated things we have to deal with in life.  On days when I manage to not be too preoccupied about my work or my family, I would find myself observing couples on the streets, in restaurants or in their motor vehicles and […]


Marriage and the Other Women

For centuries women have been victims of all forms of abuse, ranging from financial to physical with many justifications given by men for such actions.  There is however, one reason that I have never heard a man give for abusing his spouse and that is ‘the other woman’. Men have said that the woman nags […]



As human beings we develop relationships with the people around us, while some of these may be merely an acquaintance there are others that we build a solid intimate bond with.  But what happens when that relationship is threatened and the little green eyed monster rears its ugly head?  Jealousy is an emotion.  Other than […]



I am a firm believer of marriage and that relationships can be great and everyone out there can instigate the butterflies to flutter in someone’s stomach.  I am in love with the idea of being in love, despite the heart breaks I have endured since I began dating in my latter teens.  I believe that […]


Infidelity – Is It Inevitable???

By nature, I have always been an inquisitive person. I see something and I question why and how and the likes thus I enjoy having conversations with strangers not only because it opens up an avenue for new friends but also because it gives me an insight into the minds of these individuals. Following several […]


Fathers and Children

There’s a commercial on the television that I see quite regularly and it never fails to warm my heart. The theme song in this ad says, ‘you can let go now daddy…’ and it shows how the father is in a hospital bed clinging to his last few breaths and the daughter is at his […]


A Woman – Truly Empowered (By: Marissa Alamilla)

As I sit to write this article I am in the waiting room at Belize Medical Associates with a friend as support while she undergoes a series of tests to find out why she is so sick. Being a single mom myself for much of my life I know intimately what she is going through. […]


When Trust Is Broken – One Woman’s Perspective (By: Marisa Alamilla)

Every woman knows what it feels like to be hurt from being lied to and cheated on. It’s our very worst nightmare to even think that a man we love with our entire being would find comfort in the arms of another. But if the truth can be told when a woman catches her partner […]


Broken Flowers

Last week I expressed my sincere belief in marriage and the idea that a relationship can be great and fulfilling. I also made mention that when you pass the novelty of the relationship/marriage you will have to make sacrifices and put in the work in order to sustain a healthy union. Sadly, not all of […]