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Businesswoman of Stann Creek District Honored ухаживавшей за взрослым ребенком 5 months ago Women of Belize

автомагнитола pioneer deh p5630mp электрическая схема Marie Sharp is a well-known Belizean legend, entrepreneur and owner of Marie Sharp’s Fine Foods, with its factory located in the Stann Creek Valley of Belize. While working as an Executive Secretary for the Citrus Company of Belize, Marie began planting Habanero Peppers and a wide assortment of fruits and some vegetables on Melinda Estates, a family owned farm in the Stann Creek Valley. ск белый раст логистика схема проезда

каталог рыбы россии From the products, she grew, she created a complete line of the best habanero pepper sauces, jam, and jellies. All these products are USFDA tested and approved, all natural, contain no artificial colors or preservatives. For 35 years, Marie has dedicated her entire days ensuring that her factory produces only the best.

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сколько щас градусов в спб Although she has met many obstacles throughout her career, the determination Marie has is as fierce as that of her pepper sauce. Marie Sharp was inducted into the New York City Hall of Fame for Pepper Sauce in April 2016, and proudly represents the country of Belize as a born Belizean woman, a successful entrepreneur, and a distinguished lady. эстонская гончая описание породы

приказ 855 по туберкулезу She was the only woman amongst other inductees to have been selected for this award. Today Marie is in 99% of the Belizean hot sauce market and exports her products to countries worldwide such as Japan, Germany, the United States, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Mexico, and Central America.

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пролактин ниже нормы у женщин после достинекса She is an icon for all Belizean women, exemplary of the drive needed to achieve economic empowerment in today’s world. Marie Sharp is the Queen of Peppers to all in Belize. расписание автобусов ставрополь новочеркасск